KEF X300A<br><最新優惠價格>, Listen Now 聽音樂

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KEF X300A<br><最新優惠價格>
~ 每個揚聲器均設有兩組AB類發燒級擴音器,一個用於高頻,一個用於中低頻,即使低音擴音系統推至接近極限時,高音依然不受影響,保持清晰宏亮。
~ 使用96kHz/24 bit無干擾數碼輸入,以USB數碼線連接電腦和揚聲器,確保從訊源到輸出,每個訊號位元都不會錯過或失真。
~ 每個音箱內配備獨立高品質的DAC裝置。
~ 擁有KEF專利的Uni-Q同軸共點單元,此技術亦應用於KEF的旗艦產品Blade。
~ 備有兩種 EQ 模式,用家可因應揚聲器位置優化聲音,只要透過主音箱背面的 EQ 按鈕,隨時轉換桌面或座地模式。
~ 如果音箱靠近牆壁,亦可以利用附送的隔音海綿吸收過剩的低音反射。


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~ Two dedicated class AB amplifiers – one for LF/MF and one for high frequencies – to ensure accurate, distortion free sound reproduction.
~ With clean USB input and digital connection between speakers, the X300A system turns your desktop, laptop, tablet or other mobile device into a source of listening pleasure to true high fidelity standards.
~ The 24-bit/96kHz USB input and with distortion-free USB connection throughout, nothing is lost from the original source.
~ A high quality DAC in each speaker virtually eliminates interference by separating decoding from playback.
~ Award-winning Uni-Q ‘point source’ driver array derived from KEF’s flagship speaker, the Blade.
~ A balance switch on the back of the master speaker allows you to optimize the sound, whether you place the speaker on the desk, against a wall or in free space.
~ *When your speakers are placed against a wall, you can insert the foam bung supplied into the rear reflex port for tighter, cleaner, bass performance.

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