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KEF M100

KEF M100<br><最新優惠價格>
~ 橢圓形鋁金屬外殼配搭精細的鑽石切割,外觀時尚典雅。
~ 10mm 高性能的汝磁鐵全頻單元,帶來高性能的聲音表現。
~ 匠心獨具的聲學音管,傳送生動細膩音色。
~ 採用「環境友善」的膠粘劑,在耳機單元的生產過程中達到「無苯」標準。
~ 符合國際 CENELEC 標準,確保在長時間聆聽下聽力不受過高音量損害。
~ 高品質的鋁製耳塞設計,大幅度消除雜音。
~ 三種不同尺碼的超薄矽樹脂耳塞,為您帶來舒適緊密的聆聽享受。
~ 四種瑰麗顏色,包括跑車藍、日落橙 、香檳白和鈦金灰。
~ 所有 KEF 耳機可享一年免費保養。

~ 單元 (mm) : 10mm
~ 頻率回應 (Hz) : 20Hz~20kHz
~ 靈敏度 (dB) : 97dB±4dB (IEC-6071 at 1KHz)
~ 電阻抗 (Ohm) : 16±15%Ohm
~ 最大輸入功率 (mW): 10mW
~ 雜音衰減量 (dB) : -25dB
~ 電線長度 (m) : 1.3m
~ 連接器 (1/8”) : 3.5mm
~ 重量 (g) : 18g


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Supremely comfortable lightweight in-ears combining KEF design innovation and precision engineering to give you true high resolution sound on the move.
~ High resolution sound
With ingeniously damped full-range 10mm neodymium drivers and a unique angled chamber engineered to minimise distrortion, the listening experience has the intensity and detail of hearing the original live performance.
~ Precision design
The aluminium ‘race-track’ casing is precision machined with diamond-cut chamfered edges, and the internal components are exhaustively tested for consistently accurate response. Nothing is overlooked, right down to the environmentally friendly new benzene-free production process - another KEF ‘first’.
~ Total comfort and compatibility
The shell is ergonomically angled for a snug, comfortable fit while preserving M100’s extraordinary clarity. Compatible with all Apple products and most other devices, and with industry standard protection against excessive sound pressure, you can enjoy true high resolution sound whenever, wherever and for as long as you wish.
~ Box contents
M100 Hi-Fi Earphones with inline mic and volume control
Eartips (small, medium and large)
In-flight adaptor
Carrying pouch

~ Driver: 10mm
~ Frequency Response :20~20kHz
~ Sensitivity : 97dB±4dB (IEC-60711 at 1kHz)
~ Impedance: 16±15% Ohm
~ Maximum Input Power :10mW
~ Noise Attenuation : -25dB
~ Cable length : 1.3m
~ Connector : 3.5mm
~ Weight : 18g

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